Top 5 Free Browser MMORPG Games

Find the top free online browser MMORPG games list here. Here are some good no download MMOs that have 3D graphics.

Top 5 Browser MMORPGs


Drakensang Online – amazingly good 3D graphics and fun, classic RPG gameplay makes this game one of the top MMOs of 2012. Since its launch last year it has attracted over 10 million players, proof that Drakensang Online truly has what it takes to enthrall and entertain gamers who want a complete MMORPG experience without having to download or install anything.

aq worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds – another very obvious choice as far as browser-based MMOs are concerned, AQ Worlds is a very popular title that is aimed at the casual gamer.


Pirate Storm – amazingly addictive and easy to get immersed in, Pirate Storm is a great concept in MMO games that mixes pirates, sailing, monster-killing, ship-vs-ship PvP and role-playing. Very addictive and fun.

browser mmo

Wartune – for something you can really sink your teeth into for a longer time, try Wartune. It’s a fun mixture of action RPG and city-building strategy gameplay along with some extras such as dungeons, world bosses, and even farming.

ultimate naruto

Ultimate Naruto – a new browser MMO that is still in open beta. This game is based on the manga/anime series Naruto which means that it’s all about creating an awesome ninja character and fighting it out with other characters from the show, with all of you using flashy ninja moves. Ultimate Naruto is great fun for fans of the show and for casual players.

Honorable Mention:

Runescape – there’s no denying that Runescape is still number one. An older MMORPG, RS arguably started the whole trend of playing MMORPGs on your browser.

2013’s Browser MMO Games

Note: clicking on the website links will take you to the official website of each title. However, since these are not yet released, none are playable. Most are teaser sites that only have a little bit of information about the game.

Universal Monsters Online – if you have ever played an MMO then you have probably slain thousands of monsters but now a new type of game is planned, one in which you are the monster. Players will take on the role of a legendary film monster like a Werewolf, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster. Link:

Game of Thrones – based on the Game of Thrones TV epic fantasy series, this upcoming MMO is not just about killing things, it’s also about politics and your loyalty to the various ruling Houses. Link:

Might & Magic Heroes Online – according to the official website, Might a& Magic Heroes Online will feature next-gen 3D graphics. Gameplay is envisioned as a good mix of strategy and role-playing. Link:

World of Warships – an upcoming free-to-play naval action MMO. In the future, after this game’s launch, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships will share a common economy. In other words, trading items and resources between the three games will be allowed. Link: