Top Free MMORPG 2013: Most Popular Games List

Top Free MMORPG 2013

Well if you were looking for the best free MMORPG 2013 games, here is a glimpse at what the top games have to offer: incredible 3D graphics, action-packed PvE and PvP battles, epic quests, immersive virtual worlds, and, most of all, fun gameplay!

So what are the 10 most popular free MMO games today?

most popular mmorpg

  1. Prime World
  2. League of Legends
  3. Drakensang Online
  4. Wakfu
  5. Neverwinter
  6. Last Chaos
  7. World of Tanks
  8. Adventure Quest
  9. Wartune
  10. Aura Kingdom

The list contains a good variety of different types of MMOs:

Classic MMORPGs – Neverwinter, Wakfu, Aura Kingdom, and Last Chaos

Browser-based MMO games – Drakensang Online, Adventure Quest and Wartune

MMOFPS (shooter games) – World of Tanks

MOBA – League of Legends (this is also the most-played PC game of 2012) and Prime World

About Finding the Best Free MMORPG 2013

The appeal of a good MMORPG is for those who liking gaming is clear – it’s the opportunity to enter a world where you can either battle alongside your friends in epic battles or indeed to enter the fields of battle against your friends to gain the ultimate bragging rights. It’s not only a group thing though – quests and other achievements also offer yet another aspect to the overall MMORPG experience. With so many to choose from, it can indeed be hard to identify the best free MMORPG 2013 … but we can manage.

There is a seriously large choice of games when it comes to free MMORPGs but once you find the one for you there’ll be no looking back and it will have been well worth the search. There are a few aspects to be considered when picking the best free MMORPG 2013 however.

One of the most important things about any MMORPG is how unique it is. True, there are many out there that are very similar to each other but it’s the unique spins which the developers put on their games that really make them stand out from the crowd. What you don’t want is a game which is so similar to another that it’s just mind numbingly repetitive to play, so clearly the best MMORPG will have to be significantly unique and not simply a carbon copy of another game.

MMORPGs must be well designed in terms of their learning curve as new players will not want to have to spend an entire day just trying to figure out how the UI works … it should be easy to get started with – lots of tutorials and easy tasks to start off with. However while a gentle learning curve is important, beyond a certain point must come the time when there’s an increase in difficulty because after all who would want to play a game where there’s no challenge at all? Very few people I think. The best MMORPG will have to be hard to master, because this is far more rewarding and ultimately will keep you enthralled for longer as you work to hone your skills and become the best.

Mentioned above, but it’s important so a second mention couldn’t hurt. The best MMORPG 2013 is really going to need a great UI. The UI is like your mission control centre and if its layout is awkward and difficult to learn and use then chances are that this will agitate the user for the entire time they’re playing the game. So really, a bad UI design can be detrimental to an MMORPG – which is a shame because I’m sure there are games out there which would be in contention for the best MMORPG, only that their bad UI design acts as a barrier between the players and the uniqueness which the game as to offer.

Graphics are another factor which is important in any game, because, well, the graphics ARE the game – if you know what I mean. A game could have a great UI with a really unique story or element behind it but if the graphics are terrible then it certainly could not be considered the best MMORPG as no one would want to play it. Thankfully the standard of graphics in even free games these days is very high and as well as this a game can have somewhat out-dated graphics so long as you can actually still make our what you’re doing on the screen – in other words sub-par graphics could be forgiven if the game made up for it in other aspects.

Obviously a key factor in terms of an MMORPG is that you must be able to play with other people. I mean, it’s right there in the name itself “massively MULTIPLAYER online…” so it would be ludicrous to even consider any game as a contender for the best MMORPG 2012 if it didn’t have any multiplayer aspects. It really adds a lot to a game when you can team up with other players to take down an extra tough challenge and celebrate the victory together. Or, you can take the alternative route of PvP where you play the lone wolf and try to conquer everyone round you to be the best. Either way, the best MMORPG is going to need both a strong PvE element and a strong PvP element – because at the end of the day they’re both vitally important factors of any MMORPG.

I shall keep this point short – the game cannot have a lag problem. Lag has been the death of many games out there and rightly so because it truly does make the games in a lot of cases unplayable and indeed more a misery than a pleasure to even try and play.

Something which I probably should have mentioned closer to the top is the classes. The best MMORPG 2012 must have unique classes which can both work well together for PvE while also countering each other for PvP. The word I’m looking for is of course balance – the classes must be balanced because if they’re not then everyone will just pick the superior class(es) and as the game will be without an even number of all classes it will of course have a bad effect on all multiplayer aspects of the game.

The last thing to consider is the storyline. While these games do have large PvP and PvE elements the storyline behind the whole game is also important as it can add an extra element of realism. While a good storyline certainly isn’t the most important aspect of an MMORPG it is intertwined with something that is a very important aspect which is of course the quests. The quests in a game whether they be multiplayer quests or single player quests must be creative and non-repetitive because if they’re not the whole game just becomes a grind, and people don’t play games to grind the play games to have fun!

That’s the last and ultimately the most important thing which the best MMORPG 2013 must be – fun. I guess what you find fun depends on your definition of fun but I think all of the elements above help push towards the overall fun factor. For example, a game which has extremely bad lag or a terrible UI wouldn’t be fun to most people – but a game with a great UI, loads of friendly people to play with or against and some great classes to choose from would certainly be fun.

Once you begin searching for the game that suits you best, it will only be a matter of time until you find it. Once you find the best MMORPG 2013 there’s no looking back because it will keep you enthralled, immersed and captivated for days, weeks, months and sometimes even years.