Spotlight on MMORTS Games: The Best Browser Strategy MMOs

Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) games, also called city-building or MMO strategy games, are a very popular type of browser-based MMOG.

best 2013 mmortsThe basic gameplay features a player who takes on the role of a ruler or general of a city/town who has to develop it into a force to be reckoned with. This is done through gathering resources, building up and upgrading the city structures, researching technologies and skills, and, most importantly, training an army. Players can attack other towns which means that both offensive and defensive strategies are used.

Since there is a huge number of these free to play browser-based offerings there is a real need for a list of the best ones. Here is list of the top MMORTS games of 2013:

  1. Call of Gods – high fantasy with elves, human and undead races; city building with turn-based combat, dungeons and PvP arenas
  2. Shadowland Online – set in an interesting dark fantasy world; travel back in time and recruit historical heroes like King Arthur or Genghis Khan to fight for you
  3. Travian – one of the most successful and popular MMORTS games; has a more fun and lighthearted setting; huge community; normal and 3x speed servers available
  4. Battle Dawn – a scifi/fantasy MMO that has maps for Earth, Mars, Fantasy and Galaxy; very popular; vibrant community; lost of active player alliances
  5. Goodgame Empire – castle-building game in a medieval fantasy setting; very nice hand-drawn graphics, good tutorial; challenging events for high-leveled players

These are the best MMORTS games of 2013. We chose these particular titles based on the graphics, theme, community, popularity, and great gameplay.

Featured Game: An Unusual Cross-Genre Game



We had to separate this game from the rest because it is a new open beta MMO that is a mixture of RPG and RTS gameplay. Wartune has the usual city-building strategy mechanics but is unusual in that it also allows players to create a playable character that can take part in boss fights, dungeons, PvP battlegrounds, quests, and events. To put it another way it involves:

  • city building
  • RTS gaming
  • single player RPG
  • multiplayer dungeons
  • realm vs. realm PVP arenas

Wartune is an unclassifiable game that we highly recommend for its fun and innovative blend of strategy and RPG elements.

Link: Wartune website

*note: this link leads to the registration page for the newest server which is where new players should start


best mmorts 2013wartune city building mmo

browser mmo wartunewartune screenshot1

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