Shadowrun Online’s Hybrid Business Model: Is This the Future of MMOs?

Congratulations to Cliffhanger Productions who just successfully finished their Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun Online with a total of $558,863 pledged. This particular project, Shadowrun Online is not an MMORPG but rather an online turn-based RPG with tactical PvP. It is being developed for the PC and Mac plus a whole slew of devices such as the iOS/iPad, Android tablet and even the upcoming Ouya gaming console.


What’s interesting about this is that the developers have opted to go for a hybrid business model. Some servers will be fully free-to-play with a cash/item shop for microtransactions and an optional premium membership. Other servers will be based on the Guild Wars (GW) business model in which players will have to buy the game but after there will be no subscription fee and they can play as long and as often as they want with no in-game cash shop.

The Kickstarter campaign showed that there is a great demand for GW-style games. MMO fans are well aware of several high-profile releases that tried to break into the pay-to-play MMORPG genre but are now free-to-play. Star Wars: The Old Republic, just to name the most recent one, has just announced that it is going f2p. Generally, the reaction to this has been “I knew it was going to happen” since it is the opinion of many that the heyday of subscription MMORPGs is over.

Does this type of hybrid f2p/p2p MMO sound good to you? Is the time of p2p games over? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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