Phantasy Star Online 2 North America and Europe Version Coming Soon in 2013

It’s official: the North American and Europe release of Phantasy Star Online 2 will be out by 2013. The original Japanese version of PSO2 was launched last July 4, 2012 and people have been asking me in forums about this game. It’s also been confirmed to be free to play.


So what do we know about the game so far?

This is a sequel to the original Phantasy Star Online game. PSO2 is set in a sci-fi fantasy universe where three are three intelligent life-forms – humans, Newmans and CAST (robots). A fleet of spaceships called the “Oracle” has been exploring unknown space and has discovered many new worlds.

The story of PSO2 is about the Arks, groups of people from all races whose task is to research and develop the newly-discovered planets. The Arks move from one world to another, leaving each planet better off than they were before they visited it. However, there seems to be a mysterious and malevolent power that opposes the Arks. This enemy group is known as the “D-Arkers.”

Classes and Races

There will be three classes available: the melee close-combat Hunter class, the Photon Arts Force class (damage and healing) and the Ranger class which focuses on attacking enemies from a distance. Players will be able to level up classes when they choose so they can try out different playing styles whenever they wish.

Phantasy Star Online 2 will feature lots of real-time combat and third-person shooting action. The graphics looks very realistic and lush, with beautiful alien landscapes and dangerous critters everywhere. Reviewers in Japan have noted that it has very detailed, deep character customization which is a big plus, especially when it comes to f2p MMORPGs.

As players explore the various locations to complete mission they will find many special random encounters and randomized dungeons. A customizable assistant, called an MAG, will assist you during combat.


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