New Hybrid MMORPG: Wartune Open Beta

Wartune is a new hybrid MMORPG currently in open beta. The free to play browser-based game is considered a “hybrid” MMO because mixes RPG and RTS (real time strategy) elements.

wartune charactersTop Features

  • free to play
  • browser-based
  • RTS (city building) – take control of a town, collect resources, upgrade buildings, and train troops
  • RPG – create a hero character, explore and fight monsters to collect loot and level up
  • exciting combat – solo and party dungeons, boss fights, PvP, and more

Link: Wartune open beta sign up

The new Version 1.6 update is due to be released mid-June 2013. The content update will introduce Class Wars, cross-server PvP battles that will reward the victor with lots of cool new items. That’s not all – this latest version of Wartune will also feature tanks. Players will be able to ride their tanks into dungeons. Daily tank battles in which players battle each other and a boss will be held daily at 21:00 and 21:25.


wartune open beta mmorts 2013

combat wartune wartune screenshot

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Wartune – MMO RPG/Strategy

Wartune has combined the beloved RPG MMO with another favorite, the strategy game. It is a complex game that lets players fully customize their character and actually makes the customization important in the game. Wartune promises to gives players everything they are looking for in an MMO and more. Wartune is a free to play game that players can play on their browser with no download or game installation needed.

When the game begins, the player is immediately asked to create their very own hero. As of now, there are three main classes to choose from: Knight, Mage, and Archer. With each of these classes, a player can choose to be either a male or female. Seeing as the game heavily relies on building a character and increasing its power, players should choose a character type that they are the most comfortable with. Once the character is created, the player is thrown into the large world of Wartune.

The story of Wartune is rich and is filled with many of common good vs. evil plots. It explains that the universe was created by The God’s Harp and the High Goddess controlled its power. Many years ago the gods walked among the Earth. The battle between the dark and the light soon broke out and it is known as the Seraphic Wars. The High Goddess split The God’s Harp into several pieces and fell into a deep sleep. Now, in a dark corner of the Universe known as the Void, evil creatures seek to destroy mankind. While they were once too unorganized to make an assault, the evil creature Diablo has awakened and gathered them into an army. It is up to the players of Wartune to stop Diablo and destroy his dark army.

The strategy elements come into play when the player character is asked to take control of a town. Then the player must collect resources and build or upgrade buildings in order to gain wealth and power. Of course, as is usual in these types of games, troops will also have to be trained.

Wartune has both multiplayer and single player dungeons, thousand player boss battles, PVP, guilds, farming, and large scale battlegrounds. The game is built so that hardcore players can spend hours customizing their character and creating the perfect warrior for their play style. In addition to having an expansive PVP system, Wartune has one of the most customizable clothing options out of all the other MMOs available.

Wartune is a brand new free to play MMO that is not too graphic intensive, so most computers can handle it. With all of its features and gameplay abilities, it can provide any MMO lover with hours of play time. Seeing as it is free to play, it gives everyone one more reason to give a fair shot.