Might & Magic Heroes Online MMO Game by Ubisoft

Like a lot of games currently being developed, Might & Magic Heroes Online by Ubisoft has no official release date. According to the official forum thread about it, the game is in alpha (the first phase of software testing). Seeing as it is now October, we think a 2013 release date is quite likely though the end of 2012 is also possible.



The Might & Magic Heroes is an old school RPG series whose most recent title is Might & Magic Heroes VI. Might & Magic Heroes Online, on the other hand, is an upcoming browser-based free to play MMO hex-style turn-based strategy game.

After players create a new customizable character they will be able to recruit creatures that will fight in the player’s army. Instead of fighting monsters head-on, it is recommended that players use their magical powers in a more strategic way and skillfully deploy their troops for maximum efficiency. Players will also have the option to help each other during cooperative battles.


The game is set in the legendary world of Ashan. Popular locations include the terror-filled undead lands of Nar-Heresh and the dangerous temples of Elrath. By exploring Ashan players can seek fame and glory while unraveling the mysteries of the Order of the Void. Of course, there will also be lots of good loot to discover. Some of these items can be equipped on the player’s character to give it bonuses during battles.

It’s not all fighting. Additional features include building towns and trading with other players through trade routes.

Closed beta signups (no date given) – en.mm-heroesonline.com


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