Interesting Sandbox MMORPGs Currently Under Development

So for those who are looking for a full-fledged sandbox type of MMO game, there is some good news. There are at least 3 MMORPGs due for release next year (2013) that have sandbox-style features. Here are the details:

2013 Sandbox MMORPGs

Pathfinder Online by Goblinworks

fantasy sandbox mmoRelease Date: TBA

Okay, so first off is Pathfinder Online, “a next-generation Massively Multiplayer Online fantasy roleplaying game currently in development from Goblinworks in partnership with Paizo Publishing.”


  • Player-controlled economy – The exciting part is that the developers have announced that Pathfinder Online will have a “robust trading system” that allows for a player-controlled economy. Looks like there will be crafting, too as player-made items and consumables are expected to play a big role in the trading system.
  • Dynamic player cities – players can also build settlements that can grow into kingdoms. In addition, groups of players can form social organizations that range in size from small parties to “nations” that have thousands of players. The virtual world will react to these changes and as the settlements develop “the surrounding wilderness develops more complex and challenging features.”

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The Repopulation

2013 mmorpg sandboxRelease Date: 2013

One of the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role Player Games that has industry people interested is science fiction MMO The Repopulation by Above and Beyond Technologies. It is a hybrid sandbox/theme park title.


  • Faction PvP (Player vs. Player) and the Rogue Nation system – there are two major Nations or factions in the game but players can form an independent faction, called a Rogue Nation.
  • Skills – skills are a big thing in the game, with a reported 70 different skills each with 15 levels or tiers. The devs have promised tons of non-combat content.
  • Random events – the virtual world will be very dynamic. Random events will pop up in different places and even in the same area, players can encounter different events. Content will evolve or mutate depending on time, the players’ actions and some elements which are out of the player’s control such as an alien invasion.

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ArcheAgeRelease Date: Currently beta testing in Korea, English version TBA

Lastly, here is a game that has generated a lot of buzz in the MMORPG gaming industry, ArcheAge. It’s a bit hard to get information about this game since there it is being developed XL Games which is based in Korea. Basically, this is a medieval fantasy sandbox MMORPG.


  • Dynamic environment – graphics are said to be amazing, with dynamic weather effects such as thunderstorms, snow, fog, etc. Player-controlled territories area will also be a big part of the gameplay.
  • Player housing – building your own home is likewise a big deal in ArchAge and so far beta testers have praised its player housing system though there may be changes made before the game launches commercially since space for housing might become an issue in the future.
  • Crafting – The crafting content in ArcheAge is quite extensive. It starts off with gathering materials from drops or from resources that can be found all around the game world. For example, lumber for building houses can be taken from trees, wool from sheep, meat from animals, gemstones from mining nodes, and so forth. To craft an item, players will need to go to the appropriate place such as the anvil, workbench, etc.) with the ingredients for that recipe. Interestingly, all players can craft all items with no skill level requirement.

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Stay tuned for more news about sandbox MMORPGs in 2013. This post will be updated regularly.