Hounds and Monarch: Two Upcoming MMOs by CJ Games

Looks like there are two very interesting and unusual upcoming MMO titles. CJ Games Global (CJGG) Corp., has been talking about Hounds and Monarch, MMOs that are due to be released some time in 2013.

Information about the games has been sparse since they are still under development at this time. However, trailers are now available.


Hounds is a survival game that crosses genres. The devs are calling it Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Shooter (MMORPS), this term being a blending of a MMORPG and Third-person shooter (TPS). How successful will a non-traditional type of MMO be in attracting players? Only time will tell.

Content will include lots of action, at least five different modes of gameplay including End Game Raiding and PvP.

As reported by Mike Mouthaan of Joystiq, Jon-Enée Merriex, a producer at CJ Games said that Hounds “…is essentially a lobby-based game but it also has all of these MMO elements people have come to expect. It has a working economy, crafting, and even player housing. It has all of these things, but it’s still a shooter.”



Monarch, on the other hand, is an innovative MMORPG that mixes large-scale combat strategy in a massive environment. With the “Troop” feature players will be able to hire up to 12 soldiers that will fight alongside the player’s own character. Troops can level up, equip armor and weapons, and can even be bought, sold or traded to other players. These troops can then be used to besiege enemy keeps.

“A big part of Monarch’s gameplay revolves around Castle Siege. There are a number of regions around the world, and each region has a castle. In Monarch, it is very usual for around 200 players to engage in attacking or defending a castle at any given time. Now imagine each of those players bringing 12 troops to fight alongside him,” said Merriex. Quote source: Joystiq article


Developer’s website: http://www.netmarble.com

Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalNetmarble