Heroes & Generals Open Beta

At first glance the new open beta Heroes & Generals might seem like just your usual massively multiplayer online shooter game but there is more to this than meets the eye. Heroes & Generals combines first-person shooter and strategic management gameplay. Read on for more information or go directly to the game by clicking on the link below.

Website Link: Heroes & Generals open beta


World War 2 First Person Shooter:
Global Strategies Affect the Outcome of the War

Players can enjoy full-fledged first-person shooter gameplay that includes infantry and vehicle combat set in World War 2. That is the “heroes” part.

While the soldiers are shooting it up in various maps, the officers are playing in the overview world map hosted in the War Server. Players can enjoy the strategic side of this free-to-play persistent online wargame by devising grand plans on the world map. Officers play an important part as what they do in the war Server affects the battlegrounds in terms of troop movements, defenses and logistics. They decide when and where to send troop resources. This is the “generals” part.

Each battlefield is basically a place that needs to be “won” but each battlefield is also connected to the others via supply lines. Control of these supply lines is also vital to the wargame. Also, some battlefields are more tactically important compared to others if they contain factories that produce new tanks or airstrips that allow players to bring their planes closer to the frontlines of the war.

Future plans include the Android Heroes &Generals: Mobile Command app; the iOS version with built-in chat is already out.

Play the open beta here: Heroes & Generals signup page



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Brought to You by the Hitman Series’ Veteran Game Developers

Heroes & Generals is the first release of Reto-Moto, a video game company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Reto-Moto was first founded in 1997 but was transformed into IO Interactive, which went on to release the popular Hitman series. Now the founding members of Reto-Moto have reformed their old company.


“We wish to create a living and breathing game universe, where we deliver the setting and the scene, but the real ‘star’ is the community who plays out all the active roles in a persistent war and helps us tweak the experience into the game that they want to play,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto.