DK Online Closed Beta

So what’s new this week? The closed beta of DK Online has been announced so head on over to the official website to sign up so you can play and get free giveaways that are exclusive to the closed beta testing phase.

Link: DK Online closed beta

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DK Online is a fantasy MMORPG set in the magical and dangerous world of Lidos. The game is heavily into player vs player (PvP) in which large scale guild battles can be fought over castles. The winning guild will be able to gather taxes from the vendors and even from all of the monster kills in the area. The classes so far are Warrior, Paladin, Sorceress, or Shadowmage.

The “DK” stands for Dragon Knights, in case you were wondering. The current crises in Lidos is caused by the reemergence of the ancient and powerful dragon Kharvag. Thousands of years ago the order of the Dragon Knights were able to defeat Kharvag. Now the people look to you, the player, to reestablish the order and stop Kharvag’s reign of terror.

As is usual with a launch of a new titles, there are lots of events, competitions, prizes and free items to be given away.

Gameplay Video:

Here is a short video that shows some gameplay though it is only fighting mobs. It does give you a good idea of what it looks like and how combat functions in DK Online.


new mmorpg 2012 screenshot

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dk online

Clicking on the image will let you view a bigger version of the screenshot.

Closed beta signups are still available at the official website and the game is already playable. Just a friendly warning: there is no word yet on when or if the signups will be closed. Generally speaking, closed betas are limited while open betas are open to everyone who wants to try out the game so if you are interested in DK Online it is better to create an account right away in case that function is later removed. However, if that happens don’t fret because after closed beta is the open beta.

Special Freebie: Owl Pet – CB Exclusive Giveaway

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