Destiny MMO for the Xbox Out by Next Autumn

It’s “World of Warcraft in Space!” That’s how people are describing Destiny, an upcoming MMO for the Xbox 360 and the next Xbox console. Destiny is is scheduled to be released by next autumn. The game is being developed by Bungie, best known for the enormously popular Halo titles.

bungie logo

Of course, it’s not out yet so details are pretty scant at this point. What we do know is that it is a sci-fi/fantasy first-person shooter. Note that even the name “Destiny” is only a working title and may change in the future before the MMO is actually launched.

Rumors are pretty much what we have to go on. You can see from this article from HBO that all we have to go on at this point is some leaked info from a former employee, a trademark filing, and a possible logo for the game. Official documents state that it has “client based mission structures with persistent elements.”

Fans are excited because this is coming from Bungie and because it’s for the Xbox. Not that we really need yet another shooter for our favorite console but hopefully it will blend MMO and fps shooter elements together in a fun way.

Plus, in one of their more recent news, Bungie noted that Destiny will have sandbox features. That’s all they said, no actual details about what sandbox elements will be in the upcoming MMO but players seem to think (read the comments) that it refers to an open-world MMOFPS

Is it going to be free-to-play? No one really knows at this point since there has been no official word from the developers.

Bungie’s 20th Anniversary Video

They mostly talk about Halo but there are some early statements about their upcoming project, they call it “Tiger.” Check it out at the 53 minute mark where they are building something new for their next project. They it’s all about building a new universe where any crazy stuff can happen.