Buy to Play MMO Games 2013: It’s the Next Best Thing to Free

In this website we have been talking about the best free MMO games constantly but this post is different because it talks about buy to play which is a good alternative to free to play (f2p).

Buy to play MMORPGs are not free because players do have to buy the game but there is no subscription fee. Its much cheaper than pay to play (p2p) because its a one-time payment instead of a recurring monthly fee.

In other words once you buy it, the whole game and all its features are yours to play as much as you like. If that sounds good to you then check out this list of the top buy to play MMORPGs of 2013. Be warned that this is a fairly new type of MMO so there are not tons to choose from. However, you can be sure that what is available is topnotch – players just won’t buy a “bad” MMO when there are tons of f2p games available.

Best Buy to Play MMO Games 2013

Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 has sold over 3 million copies since its August 2012 launch and is currently one of the best-selling PC games of 2013. Even though its early days yet there is little doubt that GW2 will go down in MMO history as one of the most successful and popular MMORPGs of all time. An innovative MMO designed to do away with grinding, Guild Wars 2 is the type of game that appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers.

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guild wars 2

Top Guild Wars 2 Features

  • Game design fosters cooperation and builds a friendly community
  • Dynamic world events in which the player can change what happens
  • Unique personal storyline
  • Eight crafting skills
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Exciting WorldvsWorldvsWorld (server wars) PvP
  • Underwater exploration and combat

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In most MMORPGs quests are simple: go to an NPC, kill ten rats, go back to the NPC and get your reward. In GW2 “events” that take the place of traditional quests.

For example, in one area the defenders need help so as you approach the place you will automatically get a message that there are things you can do (set spike traps, stomp holes, revive allies, kill enemies, etc.) to help them out. You can either walk away or choose to assist. Anyone else who is in the area can help out without having to form a party and everyone who participated is rewarded.

This type of game design fosters a sense of community among players since cooperation is rewarded all over the map.

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The Secret World

the secret world mmorpg

The Secret World is set in the modern-day world but with a difference – all of the myths, urban legends and conspiracies are true. It is set in a world full of dangerous creatures like werewolves, vampires, mummies, ghouls, zombies, golems, etc. To survive in The Secret World the player must join one of the three secret societies, the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars.

This is a great game for players who want something different because it has no classes, no levels and a compelling storyline. The graphics are quite impressive and realistic which is a nice change from the somewhat “cartoony” visuals of other MMO games.

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Defiance is a new buy to play open-world online third-person shooter (MMOTPS) that is available to play on the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It’s the game tie-in to the Syfy Tv series also titled Defiance.

You might not have heard of this game yet because it is very new (launched April 2, 2013).

In Defiance players take on the role of an Ark Hunter, a futuristic fighter and treasure hunter in search of lost alien technology. The future Earth is a war-torn nightmare filled with ferocious aliens and unscrupulous thugs. The Votan came to Earth on their massive spaceships called Arks but a series of events destroyed the ships and now the skies above the Earth are full of orbiting debris. When chunks of the ships enter the atmosphere its called “Arkfall,” an event that triggers a frenzy of fighting as various players attempt to get the best alien artifacts for themselves.

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Guns of Icarus Online

guns of icarus online

Guns of Icarus Online is a steampunk multiplayer team-based first-person shooter game by indie developer Muse Games. The focus is on exciting airship-vs-airship battles between player teams. You can choose to play as a Pilot, Engineer and Gunner. This is a great game if you prefer fast-paced cooperative PvP play.

At the moment only Skirmish (flying ship team PvP) mode is available so it’s not yet a full-fledged MMO. The Adventure mode expansion, which is due to be released soon, will introduce a persistent world that has towns, trading, factions, and player politics so we suggest that you buy it now or keep an eye out for future updates.

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That’s it for the buy to play MMO games list 2013. Thanks for reading and please share or tweet this post if you liked it.