Age of Wushu Will Debut February 2013 in North America

The upcoming free-to-play martial arts MMORPG, Age of Wushu, will be officially launched next year, February 2013 although beta testing of the English version will be started in November of 2012.

The original Chinese version of Age of Wushu (AoW) is already available and has met with a good response from players who have made it one of the top MMORPGs in China, with over 10 million registered players.

age of wushu

Snail Games USA ( had planned to release the game earlier but decided that “in order to meet the high expectations that we, and YOU, have for the game” it would be better for them to take more time to polish the game more announcement thread in the Age of Wushu forums. Snail Games USA have hired writers to localize the MMO properly, laboriously going over every word to make sure that it will be comprehensible to Western gamers.


The game, as the name of it implies, is set in a magical world similar to those found in Chinese martial arts movies, with cool moves and death-defying stunts.

  • 3D graphics
  • free-to-play
  • no classes or levels
  • eight different martial art options
  • aerial duels
  • combat combos and countermoves

Link: Age of Wushu official website



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